Autism and Wearable Tech – Life Skills and Emotional Recognition- Dr. Ned Sahin

Posted on: February 24, 2019
Last Updated: September 5, 2020

Dr. Ned Sahin is an award-winning Harvard and MIT-trained neuroscientist and inventor, and he has been recognized as a “40 under 40” business leader by Boston Business Journal. He is considered a visionary on the future of the brain and neurotechnology.

Author Quotes :

Getting points for choosing what’s correct… How is he choosing? He’s seeing these different emoticons and tilting the head. We’ve got an accelerometer in there that is measuring your head motions 100 times a second… We can also pick up blinks.

We’re finding out things that have never been able to be found out, we are recording data that we couldn’t have ever recorded before.

Summary :

Dr. Sahin plays an explanatory video of how the ’emotion game’ and the system works (this video plays for approximately one minute).

Emotion Game :

  1. See a scene.
  2. Choose which emoticon is correct–simple compared to the display of the human face.
  3. Get the points.

Key Differentiator: Data :

1) Real time.

2) Performance of the game IS a measure.

3) Game progress IS symptom remediation.

4) On-Board sensors: ‘most creative use.’

5) Physiology: HRV, breathing, blinks.

6) Stimming, rocking, stereotypes.

7) Parents -> Progress charts: how is my child doing?

Clinical Trial: n = 700 direct families to in order to assist in the testing.


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