The Principle Behind Choosing The Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex for rTMS – Dr. Martjin Arns

Posted on February 13, 2019

Dr Sanil Rege, Consultant Psychiatrist and Founder of Psych Scene and Psych Scene Hub speaks to Dr. Martijn Arns, Chief Scientific Adviser, neuroCare Group; Founding Director & Senior Researcher at Research Institute Brainclinics.

Author Quote :

What we’ve seen as well is that now TMS is considered safe, and much more widely used, people are slowly starting to consider more alternative stimulation locations. These are all still off – label usage and should be considered experimental, but I’m emphasising it because I think the developments are very important.

Take Home Messages : 

1. A study has shown that patients who do not respond to traditional dorsolateral prefrontal cortex TMS might respond to orbito-frontal stimulation.
2. The Beam Method is used to more accurately locate the F3 or F4 EEG coordinates for prefrontal TMS.
3. Experimental research into functional connectivity has provided new information on the heart-brain axis and the relationship between depression and cardiovascular disease. (Read more on depression and cardiovascular disease)

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