Psychiatry Exams – What’s the Right Mindset?- Dr Sanil Rege

Posted on: February 22, 2016
Last Updated: October 20, 2020

This video is essential listening for anyone taking psychiatry exams in the future such as the RANZCP or MRCPsych exams. Dr. Sanil Rege has first-hand experience of both the exams and passed them the first time. He now provides training courses for the RANZCP exams and has developed online material for the CASC exams and Critical Analysis.

Author Quotes :

Don’t fret. It’s really an investment in yourself that will reap dividends down the track. It really will.

In the future when you’re going to be on your own doing private practice, this [4-MAT system] helps, because you have to think of different ways of addressing a single problem…

[In the MEQ] they’re not expecting you to say ‘I’m going to stop this medication,’-because if you do actually, then that’s a risky step to take… the examiners want to know if you weigh up things before you take a decision.


His talk covers the following:

1. Why exams are an investment in yourself that pays dividends in the future.

2. Perspective: Detailed vs Big Picture.

3. Learning systems–The 4-MAT way

4. Approaching the RANZCP Essay exam

5. Using the CANMeds model in case solving

In this section, Dr. Rege explains the model in terms of ethical dilemmas.

Take-home Messages

  1. How to approach the exams is very important keeping in mind a good work/life balance.
  2. The skillset needed to pass the exams is diverse.
  3. Achieve a balance between looking at the big picture and being very detailed and don’t lose perspective.


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