Pattern Analysis: Q&A session With Prof Gordon Parker

Posted on: August 30, 2020
Last Updated: August 30, 2020

Gordon Barraclough Parker AO is an Australian psychiatrist who is scientia professor of psychiatry at the University of New South Wales. Parker’s particular focus is on the phenomenology and epidemiology of mood disorders, social psychiatry, and the treatment and management of mood disorders. 

 Author Quotes 

 It does seem that you need this lengthy period to assemble the patterns to be able to dismiss, so it’s very easy that we fall back on the current medical system as the default option.

Basically, I think we teach our students to learn lists…I would suggest that we could turn many of these diagnostic guides into a Bayesian model.


This Q&A session begins with a discussion on how to teach pattern analysis to medical students and a conversation around borderline personality disorder.  

 The session ends with a look at how to build empathy skills through being ill themselves, and being a recipient of the process from the patient point of view. 

Take-Home Points  

  • Doctors can build empathy skills from the experience of being a patient. 
  • Teaching is not only about imparting information but also diagnostic cues. 
  • Pattern recognition expertise applies only to subsets of specialities. 


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