Neurofeedback & The Role of Sleep in Psychiatric Disorders – Dr. Martjin Arns

Posted on February 20, 2019

Dr Sanil Rege, Consultant Psychiatrist and Founder of Psych Scene and Psych Scene Hub speaks to Dr. Martijn Arns, Chief Scientific Adviser, neuroCare Group; Founding Director & Senior Researcher at Research Institute Brainclinics.

Speaker Quote

I would really hope that at some point in time there will be implications for non-treatment-resistant depression because I think it [neuromodulation] can be helpful there as well, and maybe by the time it becomes more cost efficient that’s something to be considered. Other indications will come along but I don’t think that rTMS will be a magic cure. In my view, all neuromodulation techniques will have their own niche application.

Take Home Messages:

  • Neurofeedback seems to be a promising treatment for ADHD
  • Neurofeedback has been investigated favourably in the treatment of ADHD where sleep problems may explain many patient symptoms, in particular, inattentiveness
  • There is an intricate relationship between sleep and psychiatric disorders
  • Sleep deprivation/restriction has a significant negative effect on cognition
  • Blue light exposure via devices acts a major sleep disruptor due to significant melatonin suppression via blue light (This is why night shift features exist on the iPhone)
  • Developing symptom clusters and better research domain criteria will be critical if we are to develop personalised medicine for individuals
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