Approaching the Issue of Sexual Dysfunction with Antidepressants in Clinical Practice – Conversations with Prof Clayton

Posted on August 29, 2017

This is the third video as part of a series of brief interviews with Prof Anita Clayton focusing on sexual function and antidepressants. Prof Clayton’s clinical practice and research interests focus on women’s mental health and sexual dysfunctions. The PAM-D approach provides an easy step wise approach to the issue.

  • Plan – Plan in advance that you’re going to talk about sexual dysfunction with everybody
  • Ask -If you ask the question it gives patients the opportunity to talk about it (Remember in the study that 70% of people wanted to talk about it)
  • Monitor -Monitor sexual side effects at each visit after medication has been initiated.
  • Discuss – Discuss pros and cons of different medications – this allows the patient to make the decision according to their needs

Prof Clayton’s previous videos covered sexual dysfunction with antidepressants (general) & mechanisms of sexual dysfunction with antidepressants. 

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