The World’s Kind Of Crazy

Posted on:May 7, 2017
Last Updated: January 13, 2019
Time to read: 4 minutes

What’s the first word most people in my medical practice say when they cry?


Sorry for what? For feeling something? For showing feelings? What kind of world makes us sorry for that?

It’s been happening more often lately: I preface something I want to say to my patients and families by looking out the window over the car park and rooftops, then saying ‘you know, because the world is a bit nuts…’

Not completely crazy, mind. Just a bit, but in some important ways.

It’s a bit nuts that to grow up our children have to unlearn so much. It’s said all babies are scientists, and all children are artists; yet by adulthood, most are not. To grow into this world they forget to inquire about everything, forget how to create.


Similarly, it’s a bit nuts that this doctor who chose medicine to become a healer had to unlearn a lot of medical school in order to heal anyone properly! I had to relearn to use the word ‘heart’ to mean the site of your deepest sense of self. I think that I have healed far more by treating that heart than I ever would have if I had chosen cardiology, however many lives I might have saved that way.

It’s a bit nuts that we have split feeling from reason, as if the feelings that don’t have obvious explanations aren’t allowed. We call those feelings irrational, silly, stupid, ridiculous. Yet some of the truest, finest words I hear at work or elsewhere are prefaced with ‘this sounds crazy, but…’

Generally, people who worry they’re crazy aren’t crazy, just worried. The maddest people usually don’t know they’re mad. Same for the world. Knowing that it’s a bit nuts can provide a bit of sanity.