Why Trainees Should Start Their Own E-health Website – (or at least post articles on Psych Scene Hub)

Posted on:May 19, 2016
Last Updated: January 13, 2019
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Like all industries, E-learning and E-health will change not only how our patients access information but how trainees access information. In a competitive field, young doctors will have to stand out and have good publishing skills.

This post was featured originally at cgiclinic.com

CGI Clinic was fortunate enough to meet with Dr Sanil Rege recently at the 2016 RANZCP Congress in Hong Kong. He created psychscenehub.com a “knowledge hub” for psychiatrists and trainees, where you can post articles for free and use the power of social media to spread your message.

Sanil and Jess- Psych Scene team (Copy)

The Psych Scene Team

I am a firm believer that posting articles online transformed my own learning, my connection to psychiatry and has even given me opportunities I could only dream of, all as a trainee.