Psychopharmacology and Clinical Application of Aripiprazole Long Acting Injections – Review of Abilify Maintena & Aristada

Posted on:September 21, 2021
Last Updated: November 24, 2023
Time to read: 11–13 minutes

Aripiprazole long-acting injections (LAIs) come in two forms – Abilify Maintena and Aristada. This article covers the psychopharmacology of Aripiprazole LAIs.

Antipsychotic nonadherence is common in schizophrenia with rates high (44% to 75%) across all stages of the disease, from patients with first-episode psychosis to patients with chronic schizophrenia. [Robinson et al, 1999], [Agid et al, 2010] Therefore, there is considerable interest in transitioning patients from oral medication to long-acting injectable (LAI) antipsychotics. This is also particularly true in psychotic patients who are in remission.

Although there has been an increase in the availability of LAI formulations, they are currently underutilized. [Patel & David, 2005], [Byerly et al, 2007]

This is despite that LAI antipsychotics have been proven to have efficacy that is non-inferior to oral formulations in most long-term studies. [Leucht et al, 2011], [Tiihonen et al, 2011]