Why Pokemon is Really About Self Discovery and Exploration

Posted on August 5, 2016
Time to read: 3 minutes

Pokemon Go was only launched a few weeks ago, but already boasts more users than Twitter. People all around the world are exploring streets, parks, and landmarks of varying notability to wait for a buzzing notification in their phone that tells them a digital creature is nearby. The success of the online mobile game “Pokemon Go” owes itself not just to the latest fad. It’s about the triumph of childhood discovery over pragmatic change.

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  • Huu Kim Le

    Hey Neil great article. I too share your Pokemon nostalgia.
    I never played gold/silver but did somehow manage to clock 10,000 hrs on Pokemon Red (I bought it on day of release and also played in the competitive Pokemon TCG League in highschool).

    Your avatar story is very cool indeed.

    I also documented and blogged about my Pokemon Go journey in my first week of play. I also managed to be in Japan just as Pokemon Go was released there and was inspired to reach out to Hikikomori researchers in Japan to discuss potential Pokestop/AR exposure therapy. You can find my link here:

    This game has essentially made AR/VR open to the masses and now the world might be ready for Google Glass (imagine throwing a virtual pokeball instead of swiping on your phone). The potential effects on human behaviour and psychology is huge.