How to Pass the Critical Appraisal Exam – MRCPsych and RANZCP

Posted on:June 22, 2016
Last Updated: March 22, 2021
Time to read: 4 minutes

Without numerical fluency, in the part of life, most of us inhabit, you are like a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest. (Charlie Munger)

The word Critical Appraisal /Analysis instils a sense of dread in most psychiatric trainees. It is a crucial component of the MRCPsych and RANZCP exams.

In my opinion, candidates fear critical appraisal because they are not always taught in the right way. When I first started training, I was anxious about critical appraisal; my first critical appraisal presentation was a disaster.

Being a semi-perfectionist and harrowed by this experience, I decided to better myself and read about critical appraisal in more detail.

The approach enabled me to not only pass the MRCPsych Critical appraisal and RANZCP Exams on the first go; it has also enabled me to teach Critical Appraisal in a structured and understandable way.

I thus developed the Psychevidence Critical Appraisal Online Course, which is now the leading psychiatry focused critical appraisal course with users all around the world. For RANZCP Exam trainees – The Psych Scene Online CAP course is an effective and comprehensive course with video lectures, quizzes, reading material and previous exam questions.