Handbook of Old Age Psychiatry – A Primer for Registrars and Junior Doctors in Assessment and Management of Common Conditions

Posted on:March 11, 2023
Last Updated: April 23, 2024
Time to read: 1 minutes

Dr Forbes, Dr Mahendran and Prof Macfarlane have just published the second edition of their FREE handbook of old age psychiatry.

This is an invaluable resource for junior doctors and trainees working in old age psychiatry. The book covers the core components of assessment, formulation and management, with a lot of tips and tricks to get the best outcomes for patients.

Dr Forbes, Dr Mahendran and Prof Macfarlane are all Consultant Psychiatrists of Old Age working in Australia.

Written by :
  1. Dr Malcolm Forbes, an old age psychiatrist at Barwon Health, lecturer at the University of Melbourne, and PhD scholar in late-life depression
  2. Dr Eesh Mahendran, a dual-trained old age psychiatrist & consultation-liaison psychiatrist at casual lecturer at Griffith University; and
  3. Prof Stephen Macfarlane, Head of Clinical Services at The Dementia Centre and Associate Professor at Monash University.
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this image is the front cover of the Handbook of Old Age Psychiatry by Dr Forbes, Dr Mahendran , Prof Mcfarlane

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