BOOM! A Children’s Story – A Story in the Time of Corona (Free Digital Link to Book)

Posted on:May 31, 2021
Last Updated: March 30, 2022
Time to read: 1 minutes

Boom! is a children’s story for 2021—a story in the time of corona. It shows what happens when one family is thrown together like never before in magical rhyming words and pictures.

A collaboration between a public health doctor, a child psychiatrist, a children’s writer, an illustrator, and a graphic designer, Boom! shows how an awareness of emotions, mental health and wellbeing can help children and their families. The Boom! family’s emotions get them all tied up in knots, but they all work through things together.

They’re a family like lots of others — noisy, chatty, happy. And sometimes not happy. They live in a house at the end of the street.


There are the twins Jaz and Jet. Parents, grandparents, their baby sister and a cat called Kazoo.

They’re all a bit on top of each other. They don’t really mind. But then one day, the world turns upside down, and they’re REALLY on top of each other!

Boom! is a free-to-read digital book written to be widely accessible to a broad cross-section of children and families.

Click here to read the book.

The team behind Boom!

Dr Laura Haywood and Dr Hayden Wilson: concepts and co-production. Jennifer Lunn: words. Di Ford: pictures. Dr Katy Johnson: graphic design.