ADHD and Comorbidities – Management Principles

Posted on:January 12, 2022
Last Updated: November 24, 2023
Time to read: 23–28 minutes

ADHD is a chronic neurodevelopmental condition that has a comorbidity prevalence estimated to be as high as 90% of patients [Kessler et al., 2006]; [Sobanski, 2006]; [Jacob et al., 2007]

This review describes the common ADHD comorbidities and how their symptoms overlap with ADHD [Canadian ADHD Practice Guidelines]

If a patient is suspected of having ADHD, then during a medical review, the clinician should determine whether other medical and psychiatric disorders could mimic the symptoms of ADHD.

In some cases, ADHD may co-exist with another psychiatric comorbidity that influences the diagnosis and management.

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